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What type of products do you sell?

We provide our customers with a large range of products covering all aspects of facility maintenance, packaging and packaging equipment, and safety. These product include, but are not limited to:

Paper (Towels, Tissue, and Wipers_)
Chemicals (Cleaners, Strippers, Floor Finish, Degreasers, Dilution Control Systems_)
Equipment (Vacuums, Wet/Dry Vacs, Extractors, Scrubbers, Burnishers, Fans_)
Supplies (Mops, Brooms, Buckets, Waste Receptacles, Trash Liners_)
Packaging (Tape, Strapping, Loose Fill, Pallet Film)
Packaging Equipment (
Pallet Wrapping Machines, Tape Machines, Case Sealing Machines, Dunnage Systems
Safety (
Respirators, ear protection, eye protection, protective clothing

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