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Thornton Brothers Launches New Web Site

Sep 23, 2009 by Thornton Brothers  | 


Thornton Brothers is pleased to announce the launch of their new Web site.

The redesigned, rebuilt Web site was created in partnership with Plexus Web Creations and Jackson Spalding. The new site debuts not only with a new look and feel but advanced functionality including a blog, document center, news portal and frequently asked questions area of the site.

According to Clay Gilbert, President of Thornton Brothers, “The site allows us greater control to communicate with our customers. Through the blog, news and faq functionality, we will keep the site up to date with the latest information from our company.” He added, “We will also streamline staff communication by posting necessary documents and files that are easily accessible through our document center.”

Another key feature of the site is its new online ordering capability. Beginning in the summer, Thornton Brothers researched and selected a new inventory/e-commerce software provider that will integrate with the Web site. Training for the new system began in August and continuous quality improvements for the system are planned.

About Thornton Brothers

Thornton Brothers carries a wide range of products to meet our clients’ maintenance needs. From cleaning supplies to lighting, our comprehensive selection saves our customers the time and hassle of placing multiple orders. We bring our customers the newest maintenance solutions to keep their businesses efficient, safe and clean.

Thornton Brothers offers:

  • Towels, tissue and wipes
  • Chemicals
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Safety products
  • Health supplies
  • Lighting
  • Food service products
  • Food processing products
  • Packaging
  • Office supplies

Visit the new Web site and interact with Thornton Brothers online: subscribe to our news and blog RSS, request a quote, shop online and more.

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