Meet our Service Department

May 07, 2013 by Thornton Brothers Marketing Team

Did you know that our Service Department can service and repair packaging and floor cleaning equipment? Thornton Brothers provides a hassle-free service that allows you to focus on your business.

To make a request, call 1-800-282-7343 and a service department representative will be happy to help you schedule a service plan.

Thornton Brothers is focused to keep you and your work environment healthy and safe. We understand the importance of being healthy and we will always keep our customers up to date on the latest equipment, inventory management approaches, safety products and delivery frequency.

Thornton Brothers stands by 3 Brand Promises:

The answer to your problem is β€œyes”- we can help. We believe this three-letter word should be the answer to any reasonable question asked by a customer. This solution-oriented approach sets us apart. Our clients pay us to sweat the small stuff – so we do – while also taking care of the big stuff.

Services are provided among the Southeast in Georgia, Alabama, the Western Carolinas, Tennessee, and Florida.

Call us at 1-800-282-7343 to make a request today!