80 years of local expertise with national reach

80 years of local expertise 
with national reach

Our History

In the first days of our company’s founding, Frank Thornton and his sons Charles and James began selling and delivering tissues, towels, and paper bags to local grocery stores among product shortages during World War II. As the demand for these items grew, so did our business, and we quickly began expanding our product lines to accommodate the needs of our clients.

For decades, the company flourished under Charles, who envisioned a business built on relationships with its clients. When Charles passed away in the late 80’s, he was succeeded by Jimbo Thornton and Clay Gilbert, who shared his vision. They kept to the core values our company believes in, and over time brought massive improvements to Thornton Brothers. These changes included a new facility on Olympic Place in 2003 that allowed us to update our delivery routes, making them more efficient for both existing and new clients.

To this day, we strive to continue tradition with trustworthy, dependable service, while bringing new and more efficient technology to our business for the benefit of our customers.

We are committed to our local community.

Words From Our Team

“We have the right group of people and partners that can make anything happen. I am excited about the future, we have several exciting things we are pursuing and can’t wait until it all comes together and we can see the fruits of our growth plan.”

“The people at Thornton Brothers have an eagerness to work together to overcome every obstacle that we are faced with to make each month better than the last.”

Become A Customer

Thornton Brothers helps you manage your janitorial, safety, and packaging processes so you can focus on what your business does best.



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150 Olympic Place
Athens, GA 30601

150 Olympic Place
Athens, GA 30601



150 Olympic Place
Athens, GA 30601