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Our Executive Team

“We really want people to be able to do what they do best. Whether it’s our customers, suppliers, or employees. We are a loving, professional organization. We have a great culture, and are locally involved.“
Clay Gilbert

Clay Gilbert


Kerrie Lang

Kerrie Lang


Kelly Embry

Kelly Embry

Operations Manager

Sherry Lott

Sherry Lott

Accounting Manager

Words From Our Team

“Everyone here is so friendly and open. This is the first place I’ve worked at that when I’m hung up on a task, anyone who has knowledge of the task will try to explain it in a different way for me to understand how to accomplish it.”

“The company actually puts its core values into the everyday work culture. Exuding values like Challenging the Work and Greater Good is easy when it is a top down philosophy.”

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Thornton Brothers helps you manage your janitorial, safety, and packaging processes so you can focus on what your business does best.



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